I'm sorry to hear that Elias has died. His work is very valuable.

It helps to be aware of three aspects of 9/11 not generally alluded to in the prominent truther community:

1. The US administration told us loud and clear that THEY were responsible for 9/11. No need to pussy foot around with "they didn't show this and they didn't show that." They told us that THEY did it by making their story so utterly ridiculous and over the top.


--- They didn't need four passenger airliners lumbering around the best-defended airspace in the world untroubled by a breath of interception for their terror story, two into the twin towers would have been more than sufficient but no, they went way over the top with four including one sailing right into Defence HQ.

--- They didn't need to showcase WTC-7's collapse on 9/11 - they didn't need to bring it down at all on 9/11 - but not only did they bring it down, they showcased it from at least seven perspectives. It was they who filmed it. Who else? Who else knew to have their cameras poised at the seven particular vantage points? But they knew that the Emperor's-New-Clothes effect would prevent the majority from recognising the superlative implosion right before their very eyes. We need to recognise that they KNOW how ridiculous and in-your-face their story is but they also know that they can still get away with it. Well, haven't they?

--- Not only is their basic narrative ridiculous and/or in-your-face, they over-egg the omelette with all kinds of gratuitous details - they have the alleged flight instructor of Hani Hanjour the alleged executor of the impossible manoeuvre into Defence HQ tell us that little Hani used to cry when asked to attempt steep turns and stalls, they have journalists pre-announce the collapse of WTC-7, they have Larry tell us he said to "pull it", they have an alleged witness, Mark Walsh, say in a most inappropriately excited manner that he saw the second plane ream right into the building "exploding through the other side".

It's called "revelation of the method".

2. A massive propaganda campaign was directed to the anticipated disbelievers of their cockamamie story including but not limited to:

--- Israel did it! (... and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan). In fact, every man and his dog was in on 9/11. My own Prime Minister, Little Johnny Howard, happened to be paying a "surprise" visit to Washington on the fateful day (in Australia we had: August, first fake refugee boat affair; September, 9/11; October, second fake refugee boat; November, federal election ... that so very unsurprisingly little Johnny won).

--- Grieving and angry loved ones played by actors - so very many people acting their hearts out for 9/11

--- Various theories for the kind of demolition used involving various materials but no real reason not to believe that they were done using very conventional methods. Why would the Loizeaux company (who we can infer were tasked with the demolitions) use a method not tried and true?

--- Various theories for what hit the buildings. Nothing hit the buildings! The planes were all faked!

3. The main purpose of the propaganda campaign targeted to the anticipated disbelievers of the silly story was to maintain the disbelievers' belief in real death and injury when, in reality, 9/11 was a massive exercise comprising numerous smaller exercises and drills. The planes were faked as were death and injury. There isn't a single skerrick of visual evidence that favours real death or injury over fake. Perhaps some people really died or were injured but I think the Loizeaux company takes great pride in their record of minimal injury and no deaths and I don't think they wanted that record blemished on the day - not that it would have been made public of course.

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"Nothing hit the buildings! The planes were all faked!"

Unfortunate that you ruined it at the end. You were doing so well.

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The unharmed clean passport of Mohammed Atta (of course the alleged ringleader) was found on a sidewalk blocks away from WTC later that day. That was the smoking gun evidence needed to place all blame on Al Qaida. But how did it get there? Well either Atta conveniently tossed it out the window of the plane moments before impact, or by some scientifically impossible miracle the passport managed to remain perfectly intact from the crash explosions and was literally blown out of the burning building finding its way onto the street. But of course it couldn’t have been planted there. Nobody would ever do anything so sinister or devious.

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Sorry to hear that Elias passed away. He was a true patriot for truth and what is right!

The People must take the power away from wealthy, powerful individuals and corporate entities of Catastrophe Capitalism!

“The above facts are sufficient to reject the official account of 9/11 and consider the administration of President George W. Bush as the main suspect for this crime against humanity. [It must be observed that politicians, even Presidents, take orders from and must answer to wealthy, powerful individuals and corporate entities NOT elected by the people.”

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Richard - I’ve never met you but to me you are without a doubt one of the real heroes in this time of truth and reawakening. While we know it’s been a struggle to understand so much while watching so many people unable to accept it, there is a deep satisfaction to be gained by the events of the past years prompting a lot of them to begin asking questions. How many times since Stupid 19 reared its ugly head have we heard somebody say, “If they were lying to me about something like this, I had to wonder what else were they hiding?”

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Great summary. Thank you

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