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PS: I honor you for fighting for truth for 21 long years. Relentlessly. Unselfishly.

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As an architect you might be interested to know that the WTC was built with the intention of blowing it up. “Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual”. This book makes a very compelling case that unbeknownst to everyone constructing the buildings, the plan all along was to destroy them, with people inside. This was indeed a very ambitious and very evil scheme.

Disregard the second part of the book, which is speculative, and wrong. Not because the predictions it makes for the year 2012 never happened, but because nuclear bombs are a hoax. Nuclear bombs are another giant fraud foisted on we the people.

Also, I want to thank you for fighting this fight for truth for 21 long years.

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What is useful to recognise is that the 9/11 narrative contains multiple and multi-layered streams of propaganda. Just because someone is presented as being a truth-teller trying to expose government doesn't mean they are. Espionage involves Russian-doll type situations - it's always tricky working out who's who in the zoo.

If we're going to ask who killed John O'Neill then we also might ask who killed Barbara Olson, the wife of the Solicitor-General, Ted Olson, who was an alleged passenger on the alleged Flight 77 and all the other alleged passengers on that flight and on the other alleged flights that no evidence exists of. What happened to Barbara Olson? She wasn't killed on Flight 77 so did she want out and simply vanish wherever all the crisis actors who allegedly die vanish to or was she deliberately killed because she wasn't going to keep her mouth shut or for whatever other reason? We don't know but we do know that none of the 265 alleged passengers on planes didn't die on those fake planes ... and there is zero evidence of any of them dying at all.

All images of the alleged injured perfectly fit "drill" injured and some of them such as those a far distance from the Pentagon make no sense - lots of people attending with very few supposedly injured. Similarly, why are we shown people on Staten Island miles away from where they were supposedly injured and such unconvincing images. Where's the injury? Where's the maiming from masses of heavy blocks of flying concrete?



We also might ask the question: "What buildings were evacuated on 9/11?" WTC-6, for example, was massively damaged, allegedly by the debris from WTCs 1 and 2, although I think we can safely infer some deliberate damage was caused to that building. It surely was evacuated as we don't hear of death and injury in that building. All seven WTC buildings were eventually completely destroyed. Surely, the Loizeaux company, the demolition company hired to clean up the rubble, had something to do with their destructions. Do we seriously believe that the executors of 9/11 asked the Loizeaux company to evacuate all the buildings in the WTC except for 1 and 2 for the death and injury required for their terror story?

9/11 was a psyop and it was a psyop through and through. In psyops they do what they want for real and fake the rest. They wanted the buildings down, they wanted an excuse to invade countries in the Middle East, they wanted to introduce more controlling laws ... but they didn't want to kill people on the day, they only wanted us to believe they killed people. If they could make the majority believe in their ludicrous terror story they can make all of us believe in death and injury because those who didn't believe their cockamamie terrorist story would not anticipate that the perps would go out of their way massively to ensure that they believed one aspect of their story incorrectly. The reason they wanted both the believers and disbelievers of their terrorist story to believe the death and injury aspect of their story was that it would hamstring the disbelievers to be armed with both an important truth and an important lie: inside job / they killed and injured the people. The believers simply won't come at the US government killing those poor people in the buildings in such a callous and cold-blooded way.

9/11 was not a crime committed by terrorists but nor was it a simple "inside job". It was, in reality, a massive Full-Scale Anti-Terrorist Exercise comprising numerous smaller exercises and drills, a number of which they informed us of ... but a crucial few they didn't. The only major physical reality was damage to and destruction of buildings. The airliners were faked as were death and injury.

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Excellent information - which of course never sees the light of day in our "free press" - because if it did the entire edifice of "Western democracy," with our deep concern for "human rights" (even as we ceaselessly invade nation after nation and slaughter the poor of the world) would simply collapse in free fall onto itself having been shown for the complete fraud that this fairy tale in fact actually is.

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You failed to mention that OSB did not make FBIs most wanted list because there is zero evidence that was involved. Israel’s defense minister said on BBC that morning OSB did it and it went viral with no investigation . Icts ( International Consultants for Targeted Securety ) had securety contracts for all three airports. Icts ,Stratasec ,Kroll and Pteck and Comverse were all involved in 9/11 AND they were all Israeli owned companies. How could these hijackers board the planes when Israeli airport securety is the best in the world ? Also Stratasec had a security contract with Los Alamos where our top ordinance is developed which begs the question did the explosives come Los Alomos after all those towers did turn to dust and the victims were cremated . Notice that there were no funerals for the weeks and months after 9/11 because there were no bodies found . In structural failures 100% of the bodies are recovered love in the Miami structural failure, 198 perished and 198 bodies were recovered . Also in regard to those aircraft there is not a shred of MATERIAL evidence found . The only bit of all alleged evidence was the CGIs (computer generated images) which are almost childish . All pic taken from the same angle,East to West and some got it right but the others the planes were black and different shades of gray ! I realize that mentioning Israel is political suicide but Israel is the only country that could have possibly done it . One other thing ,in airplane crashes virtually all bodies are recovered for burial but again no funerals , no black boxes and no other material evidence.

If you care to refute these claims I’d be pleased to continue this discussion virtually or in person .


Sam Cochrane


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Good work RIchard, remember the morning of 9/11 and L. Paul Bremmer, Marsh-McLennan on TV saying it was OBL and AL Qaeda...LPB was a key asset in all of this as well. GHW Bush is connected to ALL of it...fascinating, and TIME TO EXPOSE THE MOB !

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Richard has rescued this from The Memory Hole.

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Read Kevin Ryan's book, "Another 19", it is based on this Documentary.

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This is the best Documentary about the Crime of Sept 11, 2001 ever made and it was released in 2004. Kevin Ryan's book, "Another 19" is based on this Film.

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Needs freedom from the lies on Germany (study needed).

Unfocused. Attempt to cover it all hampers credibility.

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Brilliant piece of writing Richard. Connects so many dots. I learned so much. I’m understanding that the way the Italian mob has been so glamorized in films and books is just another part of the distraction. 9/11 was my red pill experience back in 2011. For the years following it could be a lonely experience understanding the crimes of the powerful elite with almost everybody else completely oblivious to it. And then came the phony plandemic I call Stupid 19. Alas people are waking up in droves. The perpetrators of these massive crimes against humanity have relied on our ignorance and silence more than anything else. But there cover is getting blown away. The truth is louder than the explosions on 9/11.

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Clear, Comprehensive, Convincing. Ty.

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