I was interested in Carl’s comment on the ages of the Sandy Hook mothers. What is the reference for this ages?

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Thank you for the invitation for us to chat, Richard! The great news is that humanity has solutions for all the world's problems, but we'll never have public consideration of solutions until the arrests of the "leaders" in government, finance/banking, and corporate media for OBVIOUS and ongoing crimes centered in war, "money," and lying. I'll provide complete explanation, documentation, and proof beyond reasonable doubt; all our opponents have are censorship, refusals to discuss/debate, and tragic-comic lying. No need for belief: see the evidence for yourself :)

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Hi Carl - thx again for the great interview!!

Please see comment on Substack by Dwain Deets re: age of the mothers.

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You're welcome, Richard :)

Yup; already shared this link for Dwain: https://carlbherman.blogspot.com/2017/12/twice-daily-satellite-photos-over-sandy.html

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Shared your comment with Richard’s post to telegram. Well said.

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From the questions section, I recommend this documentation:

"US illegal: History of rogue empire REQUIRING arrests in the present. Introduction to define ‘rogue state’ as perfect match with US illegal Wars of Aggression, Crimes Against Humanity, dictatorial government (1 of 11)"


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Thank you, Richard and Gail, for hosting our enjoyable and informative chat!

Some resources that professionally explain, document, and prove factual claims (essay title + link):

Teaching 9/11, JFK assassination, and ET life as critical thinking case studies:


Challenging our public school district’s obedience to county ‘health’ ‘orders’: My reflections after 2 years of tragic-comic district refusals to answer BASIC and REQUIRED questions, Orwellian lies, ‘official’ obfuscations + colleagues’ ‘taking a knee’ to propaganda = humanity’s need for ‘friends in high places’ to prevent massive child sacrifices to psychopathic prima facie-criminal ‘public serpents’ (59 of ?):


‘Financial’/‘monetary’/‘derivative’ house-of-cards collapse? Remember: Superior mechanics already proven by Ben Franklin with monetary reform and public banking, backed by Thomas Edison, 86% of Economics professors:


For what I find most important to communicate, just start reading after the summary of current events from our news show:


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If I'm not mistaken, this is the same fearless Carl Herman who (several years ago) drove a statistical stake through the heart of the Sandy Hook mess. (I call it that because it is difficult to know how much, if any, of the narrative is true.) I don't know if that topic is suitable for discussion on Sunday, but I would certainly be interested to know if you've since had any second thoughts, or encountered any credible rebuttals to your argument.

I hope to listen live tomorrow, but will definitely review any recording, if a schedule conflict should arise. Thank you sir, for your work, and your commitment to a healthy, productive, and honest society!

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Mar 19, 2023·edited Mar 20, 2023

Yup; that's me ;)

Nobody has attempted any refutation of that data, and the comprehensive facts demonstrate Sandy Hook was/is a false flag to take our guns. Our government tried taking our guns, ammo, and public cannons in 1774-'75, the last illegal grab of power before AmRev1.0 went hot.

Sandy Hook "mothers'" ages: https://carlbherman.blogspot.com/2017/12/twice-daily-satellite-photos-over-sandy.html

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