It will be interesting to see if Carlson has the go ahead to discuss Bldg 7 . He has limits . Shortly after 9/11 Fox put on 4 night program discussing 9/11 and Israel’s fore knowledge. It was Bret Hume ,Carl Cameron and the late Tony Snow which remains in cyber space . Google , Bret Hume , 9/11 and you will see a much younger Bret Hume discussing the 140 Israeli spies that were arrested BEFORE 9/11 and to corroborate that , Google , 5 dancing Israelis . That day 5 Israeli agents were arrested by the Bergen County police and turned over to the FBI and admitted that they were sent over to record the event. One other thing , after the Fox News report Bush said ,” evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11

is classified “ ! Hence the 29 pages which were never released. Every word of the above you can take to the bank !


Sam C

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Considering what Tucker has put on air consistently for at least a few years now it really is remarkable he's still on TV even though he easily brings in the highest ratings now. This is a very good interview, and any critics of Tucker really should reevaluate what they support if they think he's not simply the only TV journalist with a backbone and high integrity. Could he do Bldg 7? He did get in a segment about all the sudden deaths happening after 'vaccine' rollout, and now he had Ed Dowd on his long format show. Frankly, the crimes of the scamdemic, which admittedly were able to take place because of the 9/11 propaganda and cover-up, are far more relevant and far bigger and more important right now. If he can do those stories more then maybe the taboo of 9/11 truth breaks down even more.

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Mar 15·edited Mar 15

I agree with you. As more time passes since 9/11, the more, I doubt the official narrative that we’ve been spoon-fed. What bolsters my doubts about the 9/11 narrative are the fact that we’ve also been, in my opinion, lied to, and misled about the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X. Especially after three years of lies, misinformation, dis- information about the Wuhan virus, it’s origins, and especially about the experimental, mRNA injections. I can simply not believe anything that comes out of “official“ government, outlets, and organs. That’s a sad commentary.

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I am a fan of Mr Carlson and his enlightening program. My concern is with the (low intelligence seeming) outbursts of laughs from him that emanate over incredulous statements. I am inclined to believe that Tucker has a neurological error that prompts these childish outbursts. I will continue to watch his segments while I try to ignore the inappropriate shows of mental aberrations.

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I have always wondered, Richard, why, when you had this incredible opportunity, the woman asked you, she showed in her voice and manner that she was incredulous about it and you went off on a large explanation, droning on [with truth of course] when you ought to have focused her attention and had here further explain why she was so shocked by this TRUTH. Maybe it all could have ended way back then.

I understand your position, you wanted to get as much info as possible in the short time the media always gives, but the focus SHOULD ALWAYS BE on the TOTAL IMPOSSIBILITIES OF THE USGs' Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory. Joe and Joess Q Public can't process all the data and all the science but we must HAVE THEM FOCUS ON THE TOTAL IMPOSSIBILITIES of the US Governments' Fairy Tale.

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well- time for everything to wide open right before the sink the entire ship

what's left of the people- and there won't be many after the fatal injection, will be arguing forever

unless they are in their 15 minute cities forbidden to think- wake up now folks

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Watch your back Tucker.

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9-11 was a necessary steping stone to set the foundation for the current scamdemic. The lattr is he logical extension of the former. God Bless Richard and Gail for all their hard ork over the past 2 decades. I tip my hat.

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Good Wednesday Morning SheThinksLiberty!

Late last night I read your post regarding Dr. Bhakdi. I hadn't checked on the present condition of Princess Bajrakitiyabha in the past week or so. Being that there's scant information about her present condition I'm assuming she's still on full life-support. As for Dr. Bhakdi, certainly a heartfelt few moments for him. I pray he's got good security attending him.

As for Tucker Carlson, I guess we'll all see what transpires, won't we?

Reading your post regarding Tucker, I recall an interview Patrick Bet David had with Richard Gage back in October last year. I was late in listening/watching that interview, seeing it in late November. I was rather astonished Patrick Bet David could not come to grips with even the slightest remote possibility that our own "govern - ment" was fully in on the act and IS fully in on the cover-up. Patrick's reasoning? Something of that magnitude, somebody in the gang is ALWAYS gonna spill the beans. Patrick was unequivocal in his opinion. My own immediate thought was : Patrick wake up! Ghislaine Maxwell has already begun serving her sentence related to her case and there's, mysteriously, no client list revealed? Nobody has confessed any-thing regarding that case.

I was tempted to E-mail Patrick, yet I don't regularly regularly listen/watch his content, so I didn't. Perhaps I should have?

Interestingly on one of Ron Paul's episodes last week, Dr. Paul (again) declared he could not bring himself to believe the entire COVID psy-op was/is entirely manufactured to serve manifold ends. Dr. Paul's reasoning? He unabashedly stated : "I just can't believe there are people in the world that are that evil."

In the earliest days of the global scam-demic psy-op I quickly lost count of how many times I heard the exact same, or some variation of, statement as Dr. Paul's.

My immediate unequivocal response to such "reasoning" was and remains : Let us refamiliarize ourselves with Sacred Holy Scripture known as the Holy Bible. To preclude and be clear, I am far, FAR, from being any saint. Let's just say I'm a jagged piece of clay in formation. Even so I encourage anybody (including Patrick Bet David and Dr. Paul) to read some particular passages/teachings in the New Testament. What was one of the three temptations the devil proposed to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? MATT. 4: 8 - 10 : Again the devil took him up into a very high mountain, and shewed him all the kingdoms of the world , and the glory of them,

9. And said to him : All these will I give them, if falling down thou wilt adore me.

10. Then Jesus saith to him : Begone, Satan : for it is written, The Lord thy God shalt thou adore, and him only shalt thou serve. (DOUAY-RHEIMS).

Among several messages/teachings in those few verses it begets an all important and poignant question, does it not? How many have taken the devil's/Satan's command in order to gain/obtain what he offered to Jesus? Isn't the same temptation just as real today as when Jesus walked the earth amongst us? IMO, indeed it is. As it has been through all time. I'll leave everybody else to their own contemplation.

To All, PEACE and be well.

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Trump wouldn’t live long if he were to blow the whistle. A tragic accident would befall him . Look what happpend to the Kennedys when JFK said ,” I would break up the CIA and cast it to the winds “ . Israel would not have gotten nukes or expanded under the Kennedys. Bobby was assasinations right after he won his first primary. The message , don’t cross the govt.

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